The Woodpanel series of surfaces belongs to the semi-finished product of composite timber category. It consists of solid wood surfaces with different dimensions and thicknesses, which are produced exclusively for SANELCO, in Serbia. The jointing techniques are two. Fingerjoint, where small strips of wood are “knitted” to each other, ensuring large uniform size and durability in the final surface, which comes in 650 x 4000 mm dimension, in various thicknesses, made out of Hard European Wood, specifically Beech, Oak or Walnut. And Fullstave, where uniform long strips are joined together, offering the best possible uniform, visually, result.
For the construction of Fullstave Woodpanels, both European Hardwoods and Tropical timber can be used, such as Sapeli, Beli, Iroko, Padauk etc.


This collector series of Fullstave Woodpanels, was created exclusively for Sanelco, by pieces of solid ancient oak logs, which were found at the bottom of Morava river in Serbia, and after laboratory studies it was dated over 1500 years. The natural oxidation the wood has been undergone under the river water over the centuries, creates an optical result of incomparable aesthetics, with extremely strong character and intense natural color darkening, which reminds each viewer of the greatness of nature’s improvisation.

Check the catalogue with the available woodpanels.

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