Tropico started as a choice of rare and unique species of tropical timber, from the forests of Congo River in Gabon, Africa. Their distinctive appearance, with the warm shades and and unique patterns their grains create, render it an ideal medium for each designer to express his/her creativity. Each species has its own unique processing properties, according to which the optimal use-application is proposed, both in construction and in wall cladding in mainly exterior areas. The DECLA fastening system is the ideal solution for exterior decking and wall cladding, while the construction of visually unified surfaces from solid wood is possible with Tropico’s Fullstave Woodpanels.
Today, Tropico line consists of:
Padauk / Doussie / Bosse – Guarea / Beli / Kevazingo / Iroko / Ayous as well as Teak from Burma and choices from Amazon forests.

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