Thermowood is an innovative thermal procedure of wood, in which increased durability and improved quality through special thermal modifications is ensured.
ThermoWood production process uses heat, steam and water. The wood is heated for long periods of time in temperatures up to ± 215°C, causing targeted chemical changes in its structure. The final product is extremely stable, does not distort, is extremely tolerant to moisture, a variety of weather conditions and sudden temperature changes, decay as well as potential risk of infection from wood insects/micro-organisms. All the above contribute to a significant increase in the life of the wood.
ThermoWood is the ideal solution for facade wall-cladding and is available in various wood types, including Ayous, Frake and Pinewood. This thermal process gives a beautiful, warm color to the wood, slightly darker than the original, making it able to fit aesthetically with any other material that frames it.

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