1. Μελαμίνες Star Favorit
FunderMax’s Star Favorit range of melamine surfaces combines the virtues of the most refined decors with those of the most elegant surfaces, delivering an exceptional and high-quality final product, that is a perfect solution for interior furnishing in both the domestic and commercial spaces. Its advantages are resistance to impact and scratches, ease of processing and optimal cost/benefit relation. The huge variety of colors, designs. patterns and textures provide the designer with unique creation possibilities through innumerable combinations.
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FunderMax’s Max Compact, lies worthily to the top of industrial timber products. It is essentially a solid HPL, ideal for spaces of increased requirements and special conditions. Its excellent mechanical properties, its unrivaled durability, ease of cleaning and its excellent resistance to chemical cleaners and constant moisture are significant advantages that are considered desirable and necessary both in domestic use, as well as in health and sanitary spaces, laboratories, hotels, etc.
Depending on the density of the surface pores and its resistance to chemicals, it is divided into Max Compact Interior (+), Max Compact Interior Plus (++) for hospitals and surgeries and Max Compact Interior Resistance (+++) for laboratory and chemical laboratory counters. These lines are also available for external use, with the ensuring of fire resistance and adding special filters against UV protection, to prevent the color from being damaged by natural light. Almost all decors of FunderMax are available for the Max Compact range, ensuring a huge variety in this glaced, yet extremely durable material.
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5. Saxum

Saxum is FunderMax’s new Compact (Max Compact) surface in the Interior category. To all the known advantages of this material (mechanical properties, durability, ease of cleaning, chemical and moisture resistance, etc.) texture and optical depth are added, to create an innovative surface of unique visual and aesthetic quality, which resembles, both in look and touch, untreated stone. The deep matte finish is complemented with glossy layers regionally, rendering a special glow when illuminated, creating an extremely natural result, which in combination with the unique “stone texture”, adds character, class and natural elegance to the space where it is used. The Saxum line is available in 4 shades.

2. HPL Max HPL Φορμάικα 1
2.HPL Max HPL Φορμάικα2

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) material is mainly a decorative material. This renders FunderMax’s Max HPL as the top choice for interior design projects, where high quality design is needed. This material, due to its 0.8 mm thickness, has elasticity and flexibility, suitable for covering even curved surfaces, providing the designer with uniformity and impeccable finish on seemingly “difficult” surfaces. As it is produced using advanced technological processes, where several sheets of impregnated resin are compressed together under high pressure at high temperatures, Max HPL is characterized by its robustness, thermal resistance and flexibility, since it can be used in many interior applications, such as furnishing, commercial premises, etc. Additional advantages of this product are its high resistance to friction, vibration, scratches and impact, ease of cleaning, and resistance to household cleaning chemicals. It is available in 6 different surfaces, through FunderMax’s complete color palette, with two different profile colors and in 3 different sizes, thus  offering greater adaptability and material savings.

6. Aptico2

With this new range of HPL surfaces, FunderMax promotes a new generation of high-aesthetic, technologically patented surfaces, that feature an extremely warm and gentle texture, elegant and contemporary super-matte finish with a special anti-fingerprint layer, providing both ease of maintenance and cleaning but also pleasure to the user himself. Through a unique color palette, the visual and aesthetic effect is irresistible. Its excellent durability properties, establish this surface in an extremely high place among the high-requirement materials of interior design, rendering it the ideal solution for all interior surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, office, furniture etc.), as it combines uniquely style with substance.

3. Superfront Star Favorit Superfront

FunderMax’s Star Favorit Superfront series is an innovative product that combines HPL material, which is more dense, hard and solid than simple melamine sheet, compressed on a chipboard or MDF. This combination gives greater stability and durability to the final product, while providing increased impact resistance at the same time. The smoother surface texture, the ease of cleaning and its resistance to chemical cleaners are important advantages of this product, rendering ideal both in furnishing and wall-lining, especially in areas where daily use causes wear.

7.m look
7. m look2

FunderMax’s m-look series raises the bar even higher for the already top-of-the-line Max HPL. With specially processed hpl sheets in its core, m-look is a fireproof panel, not just fire-retardant, with reaction to fire Class A2 – s1, d0, according to EN 13501-1. Through a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, provides a unique weapon to each architect’s and designer’s quiver, for numerous creative ideas in buildings of any height and scale.

8. Facade Panels Max Exterior
8. Facade Panels Max Exterior2

The first image each observer receives form a building is its outer shell. Therefore, it owes to be interesting in terms of aesthetics so that it can attract the observer, but also to protect the inner space from any weather and environmental conditions. These criteria are best met with FunderMax’s Max Exterior facade panels, that transfer the unique properties of HPL compact (Max HPL) to the building’s exterior. Special UV and fire protection filters are added to the already excellent mechanical properties of this material. With an increasingly number of decorations, each designer is called to choose among a large palette of colors, designs and patterns, adding uniqueness and aesthetics to a top-of-the-line product both in terms of functionality and durability.

9. Μodulo
9. Modulo2
Modulo fastening system is FunderMax’s modern solution in exterior and interior facade cladding. Special “invisible” mechanisms support prefabricated, standardized elements on a wood or aluminum infrastructure, offering a smooth finish, impeccable both aesthetically and functionally.
10. Scaleo
With Scaleo fastening system, an embossed aesthetic result is achieved from Max Exterior elements on building facades. Making the best possible use of all the incomparable properties of the material, this system offers, beyond its unique aesthetic effect, great ease of cleaning and excellent mechanical durability even under the most adverse weather conditions.

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