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SANELCO is a family owned company based in Thessaloniki, with a 30-year presence in the timber industry.
Today, with collaborations as well as representations of large firms of the sector, it has a well-organized warehouse, manufacturing facilities and two design Showrooms to offer to each Architect/Designer as well as each Craftsman/Treadesman/Carpenter and therefore to the final user; materials, textures, colors and techniques that responds to the needs and requirements of contemporary design.
Our people, with constant mood for creation and search for new, innovative materials and technologies, both in terms of quality and aesthetics, through extensive research and training, are in a position to offer advice and proposals for the countless possibilities SANELCO offers to each creator.



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Cutting Edge / Manufacturing Facility

Our in-house manufacturing facility can provide a bespoke service to help provide simple solutions

Showrooms / Design facilities

Here at Sanelco we understand that support is vital to any partnership or project, our Design Facilities are available for customers to use individually or with the support of our sales team.

Just In Time 

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Just in time
By keeping all products in stock, SANELCO allows its partners to work just in time. Buying the materials required for each project, maintains the cost of managing the warehouses of their associates, especially low.

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