The word querkus comes from the Latin word “quercus” referring to Oak or Oak Tree.

Decospan’s querkus veneered panels are an ecological response to modern trends in interior design. It is a product that enhances the authenticity and “honesty” of the material and in combination with its mechanical stability, it reflects the value of maintaining the “new” while keeping the bonds with the rich past – “old” at the same time.

The “medium” is always Oak, with robustness, warmth and vividness as main features to distinguish it. Using the unique and innovative mixmached jointing technique, the created surfaces provide the designer with a distinct product selection range.

This patented jointing technique from Decospan, in which the veneers are jointed together randomly to give the final sheet the appearance of solid wood, without disadvantages such as warping as the humidity varies, thus highlighting the optimum naturalness for a larger surface in the final result.

Uniqueness is an obvious feature of the collection, as each sheet of veneer is individually chosen and the final product is purely handmade.

The “open pore” (poro aperto) finishing options as well as the patented “saw effect” technique, create texture and add “character”, thus enhancing the authenticity of the final product. Despite the finishing, the final result of Querkus line is always natural, a feature both desirable and necessary whenever we refer to wood.

The QUERKUS collections:

– Natural: naturalness, “clarity”, uniformity, are ensured with the choice of oak trees from controlled areas of Croatia.

– Vintage: authenticity, character, “connection” with the past, through the re-use of oak beams used for the construction of railway lorries of the last century.

– Retro: all the aesthetic advantages of vintage line, but with softer texture and less finishing processing.

– Smoked: class, elegance, luxury, dark color with intense color fluctuation through smoking of Croatian oak.

“SHINNOKI” in Japanese means “real wood”. With this collection, Decospan pioneers, offering a range of 9 strong, high-quality and durable veneered panels, ready for any use in the interior design.
The jointing of the sheets for this series is always done with the mixmatched technique, and in combination with a special painting process they are subjected to, a process that prevents the two-tone coloring of the wood in the same panel, ensures the best possible uniformity and naturalness of the final product.
At the final stage, cutting-edge machines overlay 6 layers of special UV varnish, ensuring extremely high durability and strength to the product’s surface and minimizing the future maintenance costs. In this way, each customer receives a finished, durable, completely uniform and natural product, freeing him from further processing costs and providing him with the unique capability to ensure all the above qualities, especially the uniformity, in a future order.
Shinnoki’s collections cover a wide range of design styles, from classical and robust to modern and light, as well as a wide range of colors and textures, with the stability through time and the respect for the environment as their main features.
The immediacy in delivery along with the coherence of Shinnoki with the Par-ky collection of veneered floorboards, are additional advantages for each designer, helping him/her achieve the best possible aesthetic result, in the shortest possible time.
The advantages of SHINNOKI:
– 9 different designs for every style
– uniform color thanks to industrial painting process
– 6 UV varnish layers
– solid wood appearance and texture, thanks to the mixmatched technique
– sustainable design
– it can be processed simply and quickly
– can be perfectly combined with Par-ky floor (

Decospan’s “Nordus” collection consists of veneered panels, which highlight a modern “Scandinavian” style in interior design. Clarity, uniformity and innovation are elements that are clearly displayed through an effort to share natural beauty in an eco-friendly and responsible way, always in harmony with the modern lifestyle. Τhe durability and outstanding quality of the series is ensured by sorting only the best pieces of European Softwood and birch. This, combined with continuous monitoring of the latest trends and applying them to the surfaces’ finishing (paint, oil) render the Nordus range suitable for every architectural use in the interior.

Decospan, with The Veneer series, pioneers by creating new dimensions and setting new borders in the field of interior design. Now, the architect or designer chooses the veneer from any tree of his choice, chooses the cutting and veneer jointing method on any core material, and gets a unique, custom-made product, capable of enriching in the best possible way the project for which it has been chosen.

The concept of every architect and designer is usually aimed at achieving the highest possible aesthetics in terms of finding economic and and ecological solutions. The products of the Look’ Likes series guarantee the optimal relationship of all the above parameters.
The original wood trunks are “peeled”, these sheets, then, are painted and thereinafter glued, creating “new logs” of compressed wood sheets, that are finally being cut again offering endless capability of color, texture and design choices. The cost of the final product is significantly reduced, and the possibility of excellent “camouflage” of surfaces with targeted colors and patterns according to those of the desired woods is provided.
This “deconstruction” of the original material, and its “re-use”, create a unique result of original aesthetics and huge variety, which can be both “dominant” and “complimentary” synthetic element of the space where it is going to be used.


The Look’ Likes series is available in the following formats:
  • Panel – Veneered panels
  • Ply – Layers of different veneers
  • Flex – Flexible Veneer Sheet
  • Wallpaper – Veneer wallpaper

Decoflex is an innovative material from Decospan, which offers lining solutions for curved, hollow or convex surfaces, where until recently there were difficulties. This specially formed material consists of pressed veneer in a special craft paper, which is then specially processed to its pores and fibers, offering excellent durability and flexibility in the final sheet.

Through the innovative Decolam, Decospan offers a thin and slightly flexible product made of veneer, pressed into specially impregnated formιca  sheets, rendering it suitable for any investment use in the interior. Its total thickness does not exceed 1mm, making it suitable for surfaces that need to be covered without having their total thickness significantly increased, like doors, hatches, etc., as well as curved surfaces. Its key-features apart from durability, are the ease of its use and the unlimited capabilities of colors and veneer species that only Decospan can provide.

This series of Decospan’s veneered panel parts brings a unique 3d effect to the interior wall cladding. Different parts of wood from the same panel protrude a little, resulting in an embossed feeling of optical depth. Ease of installation, unique coloring and impeccable result in terms of quality and aesthetics, are the Astrata’s guidelines.

Decospan’s Par-ky series, offers top-of-the-line floorboards with a coating of real wood, ready to be placed with the UniClic system.

The wide range of colors and choice of different types of wood, in both hard European like Oak and Walnut, and tropical like ebony or teak, make this series the most suitable solution in category “wooden floor”.

8 different collections provide freedom in the configuration of both style and budget, by choosing:
– size of the board
– wood species
– thickness of the veneer (0.6, 2, or 3.2 mm)
– density of wood knots

It is worth mentioning that Par-ky is also proposed for use with floor heating, and its quality is sealed with a warranty of up to 20 years.

Decospan’s “Cabbani” series, is the ideal flooring solution for the most demanding architectural projects. It combines ideally the warmth and beauty of oak with the contemporary architectural design. Each architect or designer now has the chance to create a custom-made, semi-solid wood floor, with top layer wood panel thickness 2, 3.2 or 5.5 mm, possibility of choosing the floorboard’s size and and in a wide color range, according to the special aesthetic demands of each space. It is manufactured in France, with dedication to quality and detail, always with respect to nature.

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